Tuesday, February 2, 2010

View from the Balcony (21st level Marriott Surfers Paradise- 03/02//2010

Well, surprise, surprise, it was indeed to find myself being whisked away by young Viv to spend our 36th Wedding Anniversary at a mystery destination. We arrived at around 3:30pm and quickly unpacked the bags and then off to high tea in the Lobby Lounge. The Lounge overlooks a water feature that runs into a large salt water lagoon where guests can swim amongst the tropical fish that call the pool home. Viv then informed me that as a treat the doctors had given me permission to have a swim provided that a waterproof covering was placed over the leg wound. Well, did that cheer up my disposition, which by the way was already at a high level, in fact I was almost as overflowing with excitement as the many waterfalls that are a feature of the water areas of this fine complex. So, some thirty minutes later saw the two of us frolicking in the salt water lagoon having a close encounter with the permanent occupants. Skipping ahead somewhat we then found ourselves having late dinner in the Lagoon Restaurant (very nice indeed) and as a treat I did allow myself to have a second helping of beautiful creamy vanilla ice cream covered by lashings of kitchen prepared home made chocolate sauce. Mmmmmm, It was so wickedly self indulgent.

And now it is morning and I am standing on the small north facing balcony, looking out at the panorama spread before me. The sun has commenced its daily journey and in doing so has passed a layer of washed out rain clouds that appear to be recovering along the horizon in the same way that one sinks fully relaxed into a soft double bed. The blue sea is washing small (well from this level they appear to be) waves in platoon formation, line after line up to the golden sands that Surfers is so well known for. That golden colour that is also so well worn by the famous meter maids (but that is for another time and another story). Directly below the balcony is the pool that I so enthusiastically enjoyed frolicking in yesterday afternoon - and hopefully again today following breakfast and watching the daily fish feeding. Even from this height the fish can be sighted swimming around in formations that would do our Australian water aerobics team proud.

Just past the man made beach of the resort is another large heated outdoor waterway and we also had time to enjoy a splash or two there as well. Looking further north past the boundary of the hotel complex there is an open water way whose mouth opens into the sea and along whose side, like teeth filling the mouth, are lines of sea craft of all shapes and expense. Now gazing upward, all around, like prairie cacti, stand high rise buildings that are a credit to mans ingenuity and desire to emulate at all costs the Tower of Babel. The noise I hear is no longer the sound of pounding waves but rather the one that is made by the ebb and flow of motor vehicles that travel worm like up and down the main thoroughfare that is the highway. As usual, at the rear of natures wonderland, which is the Gold Coast, the Hinterland stands ready to offer its daily protection to all who would seek comfort in the protective hills and valleys that form the ever so prominent landmark. Yes a top sight, and one which without the love and effort of that beautiful wife of mine I would not get to appreciate in the way that I have over the past twenty four hours. Eat your heart out GTF!!!

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