Saturday, February 13, 2010

View from the seat on the bank of Lake Mulwala 14/02/2010

An early morning coolness is in the air, and the grass is damp underfoot from the overnight dew. I make my way to one of the outdoor chair and table combination that line the waterfront edge of the Resort. I sit and relax, taking in the sounds of the various birds as they begin to become animated as morning approaches. The sky is a wash of greys with no sign of any clear blue patches. As I have been sitting for a while the seat is now beginning to feel a touch uncomfortable, as I neglected to bring a cushion from the room to add an extra layer of padding between myself and the solid surface of the wooden structure. Once bitten, as they say. The water in the lake is smooth and is giving full reflection to the sky above. The dead trees that form such a feature of the waterway, repose in the water like a long line of candles that are waiting to be lit. There are no sounds of motors to indicate that boating activity has commenced, only the continued intermittent sounds of the birds. Still no sign of the sun. But wait, there is a loosening of the clouds and suddenly the lightness that indicates the suns presence shines through and as if from nowhere a shimmering pathway appears on the water. Yes the sun is present, although subdued. Turning around and casting my gaze inland I can see that the clouds have now given way to a light clear blue sky. This is good news, and speaks well for the remainder of the day.

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