Tuesday, November 17, 2009

View from the Balcony 18/11/09

A strong breeze coming from inland has moved the balcony chairs around somewhat. The overnight rain has given the air a fresh crisp smell. A white haze sits across the horizon muting the melding of the sky and sea. The sun has risen and is sending out a welcoming path of light across the surface of the slightly undulating sea directly to our unit. The waves are reaching the shore without notice and it is only the sound of them breaking that gives their presence away, before they run up the beach and disappear into the damp sands of the shoreline. Surfers are absent from the Point and only the occasional pedestrian has ventured out along the Esplanade. The Hinterland is still resting beneath a light covering of mist although patches are beginning to appear as the warmth of the day becomes more pronounced. A fresh feeling!

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