Monday, November 30, 2009

View from the front porch - Fingal Bay 01/12/09

To be different, I am having my porridge while sitting on a comfy chair that I commandeered from the back gazebo area and placed on the front porch. The nice expanse of lush grass and the central flower bed are glistening with leftover drops of rain that are clinging on like sweat does on ones body. Several birds are enjoying the foliage of a brightly coloured christmas bush while the scent of the Gardenia bush so delightfully wafts towards me in the slight breeze that has just come to life. The normal blue canopy of sky is covered with a quilt of grey that is masking the presence of the sun. There is no movement in the street save for the birds that are enjoying themselves chirping away to all and sundry at a level that a Jimmy Barnes concert lover would appreciate. The day has arrived.

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