Friday, December 11, 2009

View from the Balcony 12/12/09

A cool onshore breeze gently plays with the leaves on the balcony plants as it passes by. The ubiquitous greyness of the cloud cover is a barrier between the blue of the upper sky and what I am permitted to see. The only sign of any concession being made is when the occasional spotlight is featured on the smooth surface of the stage that is the sea. The only hint of any movement in the reflective grey of the sea is when the water reaches the sandy beach line and almost wants to give itself an extra burst of energy to enable it to run up the beach as far as it can before disappearing from view. Surfers have been replaced at the Point by several fishing boats and a couple of kayaks. Likewise the Esplanade has seen skateboard and bicycle riders join the number of joggers and walkers who are keenly using the great linking pathway that runs between the two surf clubs. The light veil of mist that still covers the Hinterland is slowly being shred apart as the warmth of the morning begins to convey that it is here to stay, allowing the features of the hills and valleys to gradually come into focus. A soothing sight!

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