Thursday, December 10, 2009

View from the Balcony 11/12/09

A tingling of fern leaves on the balcony is a giveaway that a slight zephyr of a breeze is gently wafting onshore. The indubitable string of cloud is again a feature, today stretched out tighter than a finishing line banner, along the horizon. The grey of the clouds mixing in well with another dose of sea mist that has meandered its way inland. The sky is a buzz with puff clouds that were turning pink as they reflected back the powerful rays of brightness that emanates from the majesty that is the rising sun. The grey sea has a slight undulation to it and waves are reluctantly breaking only moments before reaching the end of their long journey where they collapse limply onto the golden sands of the beach in their final repose. Only a handful of surfers are bobbing on their boards at the Point, having more of a discussion group look about them than anything else. The Esplanade on the other hand is seeing a bulk of movement as joggers and early morning walkers pass one another. The drone of the sea has been temporarily overridden by a noisy low flying army helicopter that is heading towards the Coolangatta airport some 15 minutes south of us. The Hinterland is still at rest lying below a cover of mist that is still to be removed to allow its features to be admired by all and sundry. Soothing view!!

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  1. Ahhh...I can almost feel the balmy breezes, Graeme! Saves me driving all the way to the coast. Although it is equally pleasant sitting here in my lounge room watching the crazy resident satin bower bird strut his stuff, and seeing a tiny blue wren herd his less colourful harem around the planter boxes to forage for his brunch. The ocean is nice, but God's small creatures are so much more interesting to watch than the madding crowd, I find . :-)