Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time in Melbourne - 15/12 - 31/12

Well, with less than 24 hours to go before we fly back to home on the Gold Coast, I thought it was about time that I mused briefly with a reflection or two. First up, let me say that everyone has been most understanding about my leg issues and I have been allowed to do things quietly, within reason. The medical staff at the Surrey Hills Medical Clinic on Union Road were great. The folk at the MCC allowed me to repose in the 'wounded' section of the members area. I was able to fit in an overnight visit to Lakes Entrance, as well as being able to meet for the first time some very pleasant folk from FaceBook. As an aside, let me tell you that young Pj can sure dish out ice cream. She was going through the tub like there was no tomorrow. Christmas day with the extended family along with attending our granddaughters first birthday along with seeing my grandson on a day trip to Toora remain the highlights. There is something about family. However, having said all that, I am looking forward to returning home to the peaceful company of GTF!!!!

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