Sunday, December 13, 2009

View from the Hospital window - 14/12/09

The swinging chord of the indoor window blind is a clear indication that the indoor air conditioning is fired up. In contrast, outside there is not a movement in any of the leaves of the limply hanging gum tree branches. All is still, allowing the myriad of variances of the chirping birds that call the next door park home, to be heard. Above, the full grey clouded sky is streaked with lines of pinky/red giving an added colour to the scene. Only the occasional vehicle can be seen using the road that runs on the other side of the Benowa Bowls (as the sign on the roof reads) complex. No sign of the two white haired lady walkers, in fact, no sign of human activity in the large park area at all, save for an elderly bicycle rider that has just come into view. All in all it is a very still scene, as even the few ibis that hang around the Hospital waste bins are nowhere to be seen. It is just me and the view. Oh how I love Gods creative work with Mother Nature.

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