Friday, November 27, 2009

View from the back lawn - Fingal Bay 28/11/09

There is an ever so slight zephyr of a breeze that is making it pleasant to sit out here with my bowl of porridge. The soft lush green grass underneath is tendered with loving care and nightly caressed to rest by the automatic sprinkler system. The garden boarder is full of brightly coloured foliage. Plenty of red, blue, orange and white can be seen, and the changing fragrance that is present as one walks around the yard would be a credit to any beauty bar at any leading Myers or David Jones store. The sky is a painters wash of dull grey and a slight mist is presently hanging in the air. The birds are in full voice but they are more heard than seen. One loan magpie is sitting in the corner of the yard tapping away at the grass inviting breakfast to appear. It is the cool before the heat.

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