Saturday, November 21, 2009

View from the Balcony 22/11/09

A gentle onshore breeze is making it very pleasant to sit on the Balcony. A solid light grey cloud is hanging like a suspended curtain across the length of the skyline. Overhead there is another bank of numerous puff clouds just sitting waiting for something to happen. The sun has risen and is now dominating the light blue sky as the centre of attention.The slightly choppy sea is seeing waves break some 100 metres from the shore and then continue to tumble over and over until they collapse exhausted on the sandy beach. A solid group of surfers sit in line at the Point excitedly waiting for the next big wave to take them for a ride. The Esplanade is playing host to a number of early morning walkers and joggers. The Hinterland is slowly coming to life and discarding the night cover of light mist. Action abounds.

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