Sunday, November 22, 2009

View from the Balcony 23/11/09

The small mountain ferns in the balcony pots are waving to and throw as the breeze from the sea gently sweeps onshore. A line of small interwoven light grey clouds sit suspended above and across the horizon line and the rippling sea below is in constant motion of sending line after line of late breaking waves towards the shore where the golden sands of the awaiting beach eagerly swallow them whole leaving no trace of them ever being present. The golden sun has now risen from behind the line of clouds and into the light blue sky and is sending forth rays of warmth in all directions. Both the Point and the Esplanade are free from human presence although a lone walker is making full use of the sandy beach as they walk and exercise. The Hinterlands layered hills and valleys are sharply defined as any lingering presence of misty covering has been well and truly discarded. A soothing sight.

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