Friday, November 13, 2009

View from the Balcony 14/11/09

Sunlight streaming past the Balcony and into the Lounge. It is only 5.20am Burleigh time and already the warmth of the new day is leaving its mark. A bank of off white and muted grey clouds stretch across the horizon line but the sun has already bypassed them and is announcing to all and sundry that it will not be stopped in its mission to conqueror the heavens. The calm light blue sea is washing gentle undulating waves which on arriving at the shoreline run up the wet golden sand, caress the beach and then sink from view. A solitary fishing boat has replaced surfers at the Point and the Esplanade is jumping to the rhythm of feet on concrete as joggers are in full gait. Hinterland is displaying a range of green as the covering of night mist is quickly dissolving. A powerful sight.

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