Sunday, December 6, 2009

View from the Balcony 07/12/09

A stillness is in the air with the only movement being the wings of a sally of seagulls as they head towards the headland reserve. The sun has climbed into the awaiting clear blue sky after having negotiated the standard bank of light grey cloud that hovers above the horizon line. The light grey coloured sea emerges from a veil of mist that has become wedged between the cloud bank and itself. The rippling waves are late breaking and lazily fall over each other upon reaching the shore line. Surfers have been replaced by several hardy fishermen who are occupying places along the Point's rocky outcrop skirting. The Esplanade has come alive with movement from joggers, as well as a couple of late night partygoers who are having an animated discussion as they ride the large oval swing that is a feature of the close by play area. The Hinterland still has a covering of cloud which is masking the hills and valleys and only allowing ones imagination to picture what lies beneath. A warm morning.

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