Monday, November 23, 2009

View from the Balcony 24/11/09

A pleasant onshore wafting breeze. The sky has a heavy bank of almost spent rainclouds along the horizon line. In fact, everywhere i look clouds dominate the sky. The sea is deceiving in looks with the distance appearing calm whilst closer to shore foaming waves are breaking and rushing with enthusiasm to the golden sans of the eagerly awaiting beach. The presence of the sun is recognised by the lightness of the sky as it however remains in the wings and out of sight of centre stage. At the Point several hardy surfers are enjoying the freedom of riding the waves obstruction free while the Esplanade has been replaced by the beach as today's preferred jogging track. The Hinterland is slowly emerging from its overnight covering of mist and two hot air balloons are bobbing like dangling corks from a bushman's hat as they float Robina shopping town way. A calming scene.

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