Monday, December 7, 2009

View from the Balcony 08/12/09

A warm breeze coming in from offshore is causing the leaves on the balcony plants to wave like one of those advertising air figures that you see outside car yards. A grey mist blanketed the horizon, through which the brightly orange sun quickly broke through on its mission of the day. The further the sun climbed heavenwards the lighter the sky changed colour until now both sky and sun have a whiteness to them. The rest of the sky is cloudless allowing a clear canvas of light blue to cover all. The sea has a slight choppiness to it and the waves are breaking along a sand bar line and then quietly running up the golden sands of the beach before disappearing like children do in shopping centres. The Point is clear of all activity however this has been more than compensated by the beach and Esplanade walkers and joggers, with the occasional lycra group pedalling on by. The Hinterland is just discarding the last vestige of cover as it prepares to again dominate the backdrop with its rainbow shades of green. The day is with us!

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