Saturday, November 28, 2009

View from the new house at Tanilba Bay 29/11/09

A stillness is in the air. The only movement being a hive of activity around the outside of the house. Dirt is being sifted and weeds are being removed to allow for the planting of grass. From the front porch we have a clear view across the road to the council Reserve where a play area, bbq and relaxing section has been established. behind the tan bark of the play area is a small watering hole with long grass and water plant surrounds. To the right of the play area natural bush vegetation abounds with a meandering walkway that leads to the waters edge as well as to other yet unexplored destinations. The sound of creatures can be heard with the loud drone of cicadas ever in the background with their noise only broken by the occasional bird call. Overhead we have a clear sky with all indications of another warm day. A voice calls, and it is time for me to cease the report and to join the others in labour.

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