Sunday, November 15, 2009

View from the Balcony 16/11/09

A light on shore breeze is barely disturbing the leaves on the trees. The sky is clear of cloud save for the light band that sits above and along the horizon. The sea has a roughish texture to it and is sending small choppy waves that only break on impact with the ever patient shoreline. The sky has melded through a great range of colours and here I pause for the reds, pinks, yellow and blues as the sun has without flair or fuss made todays ascent into the heavens. The Point is free of surfer and surfboards and the Esplanade has only a single late night couple ever so slowly meandering like a snail path homewards. The Hinterland is gradually emerging from beneath a cloak of mist to greet the warm rays of the ever brighter sun. A top day has arrived.

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