Saturday, December 5, 2009

View from the Balcony 06/12/09

A slight movement in the leaves from the balcony plants is the only sign that an onshore breeze is passing by. The sun has already made its climb from backstage to now be the centre of proceedings. Its brilliant white light is radiating out into the clear light blue sky. A line of motley grey cloud that was previously stretched across the horizon line is quickly dissolving like fairy floss in the mouth. The sea has a gentle ripple that only turns into adolescent waves metres from the shoreline and with apparent lack of enthusiasm they all but have given up on trying to race up the golden beach sands. The Point is a surfer clear zone and likewise the same can be said for the Esplanade and its usual pedestrian traffic, although give it two hours all the car parking spaces will be filled with carloads of happy day visitors with their free tickets of enjoyment to use. The Hinterland is still in the throes of casting aside its nightly covering of mist but again give it time and it will delight us with its vast shades of greens. A slow morning.

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