Friday, December 4, 2009

View from the Balcony 05/12/09

The sun, positively glowing with warmth, has truly risen and is occupying prime place in the light blue sky. A very pleasant hint of a breeze is coming in from the ocean. A line of elongated off white puff clouds stretch across the the horizon line suspended several feet above the water. The calm blue sea is gently washing late breaking waves which on reaching the golden sands of the awaiting shore, run up the beach in an ever fruitless game of chasey as they always disappear into the soft sand well short of the tufts of grass that border the sand dunes. The Point is surfer free and the same can be said for human traffic that normally occupy space on the Esplanade walkway. A marble bag of bike riders with their Lycra bright uniforms have just passed in front heading north coffee wards. The Hinterland has cast off the overnight blanket of light mist and already the hues of different derwent greens are prominent as the hills and valleys vie for notice. A calming sight.

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