Sunday, March 28, 2010

View from the Balcony 29/03/2010

On looking out through the sliding glass Balcony doors the scene before me appeared to be up there with recent standards of presentation. However once I had stepped out onto the Balcony proper, it was then that I noticed an 'extra' that had not been included in recent morning viewings.

Yes, a gentle curtain of mist was falling, being driven along by an offshore breeze that was coming from behind the Hinterland and heading out to sea. The mist was as fine as any lace and I could not even feel it enveloping my body with its web of covering, save for the jew like droplets that clung to the hairs of my arms and legs and glistened in the rays of the risen sun as I moved around out in the open.

Above the distant horizon line whitish grey puff clouds were again present, but not in the same numbers as yesterday. This meant that the opposition that they voiced against the arrival of the sun was quite muted and non enthusiastic in drive and endeavour. The sun therefore, spent little effort in rising past the slim voice of dissent to its presence.

The sea below, which today has the current colour of surface dam water, is just lazily sending shoreward undulating ripples of waves in the same way as a caterpillars undulation appears as it moves along a branch in search of a fresh new leaf to devour. It is only some ten metres from the golden welcoming sands of the beach that the waves finally break out of hiding and with a covering of foam make their final lunge towards their destiny.

At the Point, only a handful of surfers are present. These must be either very keen or not in the know as to the early morning surfing report. The same can also be said for activity along the Esplanade pathways. It is also very low in numbers when it comes to human interaction. However, the daily flyby by the numerous species of bird life that call the picnic strip trees home was truly alive and well.

Yes, another great opener to another fantastic day!!

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