Thursday, March 18, 2010

View from the Balcony 19/03/2010

Today, sheets of misty rain welcomed me as I slid open the Balcony door. The chicken in me said that this was no place to be and so I stepped back into the Lounge and decided to take the morning photos from the safety of feeling the carpet softness between the toes, and not that of the solid wet Balcony tiles.

A heavy bank of dark grey cloud is stretched across the skyline and this is hovering some feet off the distant horizon line. The sun is indicating its presence by shooting piercing rays of light through any gap in the clouds that it can find. Even as I pen this note the clouds are breaking up and more light is beginning to shine through to brighten the view.

The sea is a green colour, and looks great as the white of the sea foam from the tossing waves sits on the water surface making a nice contrast as the waves break for the last time before they rush up the bright golden sands of the beach before they disappear from sight. Gone!

Only the odd surfer is at the Point and they seem to be going nowhere as they bob sparsely positioned along the rocky outcrop. Along the Esplanade foot traffic is non existent but an enthusiastic fitness group is making use of the luscious green picnic grass area that is to the right of our building complex.

At the rear, the Hinterland, which usually is prominently positioned as a great backdrop, is shielded from view by a blanket of mist. and the scene is more like that of a fog with fairy lights winking a morse code message indicating where houses and street lights are positioned. It is quite a surreal sight. Totally out of the ordinary.

Today has the look of being interesting to say the least.

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