Tuesday, March 16, 2010

View from the Balcony 17/03/2010

Once again I step out onto the Balcony, through the clean glass sliding doors that only yesterday again required the salt from the further recent strong wind gusts to be removed. This cleaning has all the promises of becoming a regular exercise. The leaves on the potted foliage are moving silently as a coolish on shore breeze passes by, heading with some sense of determination towards the Hinterland.

The sea is on the smooth side, with pronounced undulation as the waves roll in towards the ever faithful and ever waiting shoreline, only to reveal themselves like a head appearing from under a doona, some five metres from the beach, when with great display of frothy foam the waves then run in single line formation up the golden sand and then with a startled look, promptly disappear from sight. This happens every day, will they not learn!

The sun remains hidden behind a bank of grey cloud that is hovering above the horizon line. But this should change within a couple of hours as already patches of blue are appearing in the heavenly canopy. Along the Esplanade a good number of pedestrians and joggers are using the pathways and one fitness class is resting on the picnic lawn area to our below right. Enthusiasm appears to be lacking with this group, or perhaps they are in the cooling down stage of their paid ordeal. Surfers are not only at the Point, but they are also spread out in little clumps along the beach, each group apparently thinking that they have found the best position to catch the 'wave of the day'.

At the rear the Hinterland, as it does daily, stands with great dignity and presence with the multi greens of the hills and valleys showing all who would take the time to look, just how magnificent it really is. Well, at least I think that is so.

Yes, another great day is upon us.

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