Thursday, March 25, 2010

Committee Nominee Profile Form

Here are my responses to the form.

Committee Nominee's Full Name : Graeme Edward Brattle

Committee Nominee's Lot Number and Unit Number : Unit 2403 CTS 35038

Nominee's Qualifications : Employment history. 28 years with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 5 years with Access Property Finance in the area of finance brokering for home and personal loans, 5 years with the Victorian Police Credit Co Op in a Call centre environment doing personal and home loans and lastly 3.5 years with the Child Support Agency again in a Call Centre environment case managing financial/care/collection activity. Currently, working on own business

Relevant Experience: currently I serve on the following Committees:

. Neptune Resort, Broadbeech , committee member,

. Grande Florida Resort, Miami, committee member,

. The Mediterranean Resort, Miami, committee member

. Committee member, mens ministry, Gold Coast Christian Family Church (GCCF)

Past Chairperson and committee member of the Big 4 Whiters Holiday Village at Lakes Entrance in Victoria. Resigned as Chairperson with the move to live on the Gold Coast.

How Nominees wish to best contribute to the Body Corporate :

The successful running of a Complex the size of The Mediterranean does not just happen. Dedication, hard work and commitment need to abound in the areas of both Management and the provision of service to both owners and guests alike.

Like spokes on a wheel, the tension between each of the parts needs to be uniform, directed toward the common good of all, if the wheel is to preform as it was designed to do.

In the same way, there needs to be harmony between your appointed Committee and the Sands Group as Manager.

I also want to see the company that you will appoint as owners to assist the Committee in wisely managing your financial investment, to be one that you believe is above reproach in the preforming of their duties.

I believe that it is then, with open, honest and transparent resolve that we will then be able to rightly have The Mediterranean Resort firmly positioned as a premium Resort along the Southern precinct of the Gold Coast.

I want to be part of this action, and with your support, I believe that I can contribute in a meaningful way to make this happen.

Declaration of any 'Conflict of interest' with a Body Corporate service contractor:

In response to this question I direct your attention to the response that I gave to the Body Corporate Committee members on the 11/09/09, as circulated in my letter to owners dated 18/11/09. Extract of my response follows - To the question of if I had any affiliation, interest or other dealings with The Mediterranean Management, The Sands Group or any other party associated with those entities, I replied as follows ' Yes I did, in that I had offered participation in my business as a 'cost free' exercise to both the Belchers and their staff, which was nothing more and nothing less than what I had offered to the very committee members who were sitting in front of me'.

I do not see that relationship as being one that would impede or impose on any sound judgement on my part in relation to The Mediterranean Complex.

Graeme Brattle
0427 523 119

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