Wednesday, March 24, 2010

View from the Balcony 25/03/2010

Moving though the Lounge area towards the partially opened glass sliding doors that do a great job of separating me from the insects, there was something different. I could not put anything to it until I pulled the glass doors wide open, then it hit me — the sound of the sea appeared to be louder than usual.

I looked out over the water, but no, everything appeared to be in the right place, sky on top and sea below. Oh well, I will put it down to just being one of those little mysteries of life.

Looking at the horizon line, once again yet another bank of light grey cloud has decided to call it home for the present. The
bluey grey sea emerging from below is relatively smooth, but slightly more undulating than yesterday, again with waves only breaking at the last moment before they hit the shoreline, and then excitedly run up the golden sands of the beach only to quickly embrace before then departing from sight.

The sun briefly made an appearance, like a filling in a sandwich, before it was hidden by the pesky clouds. But give it another two hours and we will see the sun again as these clouds will have moved on by then, and it will just be the blue sky and the sun as the centrepiece.

At the Point only a handful of surfers are out on their boards, bobbing up and down like corks in water, going nowhere. Along the Esplanade early outdoor enthusiasts are strutting their stuff forward and back along the well presented pathway system. The lawn picnic area is free of any 'get fit' classes today — must be a time out day. On the other hand the roadway is playing host to a large pack of brightly coloured lycra outfits, all neatly lined up in rows. I felt like shouting out, 'Roll on bro,' but decorum put an end to that thought.

Looking at the rear, the Hinterland has emerged from its overnight covering of mist and is flexing it's covering of greenery ready for being on display for all to admire throughout the day. Yes, another great day has arrived


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