Saturday, March 27, 2010

View from the Balcony 28/03/2010

A cool breeze heading seaward greeted me as I stepped out onto the also cool Balcony tiles.

The potted plants were enjoying participating with the tooing and frowing of their leaves as the breeze seemed to strike a happy chord with them. It was almost like watching the audience of a rock concert, minus the lighters.

In the distance, out above the horizon line, a gathering of grey clouds were determined to make the appearance of the sun difficult to witness. It had all the appearances of a conspiracy. The sea, on the other hand was quite docile in acceptance of any goings on, and was calmly sending small undulating, late breaking waves to the shore.

As the sun commenced to enforce its presence, the edges of the clouds began to take on a soft pink glow, which then changed into shades of reds and yellows, as the sun further applied heat to its intention of being the star of the scene.

In the end it was all too much and the clouds yielded to the intensity of the encounter, and began to reluctantly retreat, leaving an albeit rocky pathway for the golden yellow sun to climb.

As far as human involvement goes, both the Point and the Esplanade were light on the enjoyment of company. It was almost a 'go it alone' day. However this will change in a few hours time as the coast will come alive in the way that ants leave a nest once it has been disturbed.

At the rear, the Hinterland is also coming alive, as only shreds of overnight mist remain in the valleys. The hills are looking resplendent in their 72 derwent pack of colours of greens. Ever so subtle, but ever so noticeable, much like the recent pastel drawing that Neroli had on her Facebook post the other day.

Now for some coffee!!

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