Monday, March 22, 2010

View from the Balcony 23/03/2010

A stillness in the air today as I stepped out onto the Balcony to look and see what the day has for me via the hand of Mother Nature.

Well, the sight was so calming, so muted in colours that I just sat and gazed out over the water for a number of minutes before my mind reminded me that there were things to do. Don't you just love having, 'things to do?'

The sea is quite calm and a mist is hovering above the horizon masking the sight of the greyish layers of cloud that already are putting up a barrier for the sun to rise behind. The golden sands of the shoreline are eagerly awaiting the soothing caresses of the waves as they gently embrace as a reward for them finally making the journey to land.

Surfers are in full supply at the Point, and they are sitting with their boards pointed at the horizon, eagerly scanning for any tell tale sign of a rideable wave hitting the scene at any time. They are a patient group today as not one of 'bragging' proportion has arrived so far.

The Esplanade is quite full of early morning enthusiasts, strutting their stuff, so to speak.

Always at the rear, the Hinterland still has the last vestige of covering slowly disappearing, allowing the beauty of the hills and valleys to shine forth with their array of green coverage.

As I have been typing, some of the surfers have moved up the beach, and so now from a distance they look like a broken string of pearls spread out waiting to be restrung. Yes, a soothing site!!

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