Wednesday, March 17, 2010

View from the Balcony 18/03/2010

A slight onshore breeze greeted me as I flung back the glass Balcony doors and stepped out into the world of the new day. The potted greenery seemed to look back at me with the expectation that one has when you are about to sit down to a great meal. Yes, I internally muttered to myself, today is the day that you receive your regular supplement of seaweed extract and fish emulsion. I'm sure that my mind was being read for at that very instant the leaves of the plants seemed to give an extra rustle.

Looking out over the horizon I could see the sky filled with whitish grey puff clouds gathered in front of a light blue wash of clear sky. The sun is playing 'peak hour traffic' as it seems to be rising in the heavens slowly but surely as the small clouds weave and bump into each other in the apparent excitement of the moment.

The dark blue sea is of rougher texture today, and with the tide being out, the waves are breaking further from the shore and then end up rolling over themselves as they make a last ditched run for the ever waiting outstretched arms of the golden sands of the beach.

The Point is playing host to the equilivent of a busload of surfers who appear to be intent on catching every wave that they can as though they are on a time limit and their ticket to ride is about to expire.

The Esplanade pathway is strangely quiet, although having just said that a raucous chorus of cockatoo laughter suddenly pierced the background sound of the pounding waves, and then stopped. Ah, I can now just sight two walkers coming into view, so the beautiful walkway is being used after all. That is good.

Turning around I can see that at the rear of the scene the Hinterland proudly stands majestically attired with its covering of various shades of greenery that highlight the hills and valleys of its David like ruggedness. Patches of vapour trail remains of the overnight covering of mist can still be seen in places, but they are quickly dissolving as the suns rays warm up the day. Yes, another great sight.

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