Tuesday, March 23, 2010

View from the Balcony 24/03/2010

There was a calm in the air as I stepped out onto the Balcony and it was not until I moved around the corner that I felt the coolish breeze which was coming from the Hinterland and heading out seaward. Our building was its last stop on the mainland. I wished it safe journey and happy adventure.

Looking out over the horizon line, all I could see was flatness. The calm blue sea was not giving away any hints as to the power that it holds and only late breaking waves appeared moments before they melded with the awaiting golden sands of the shoreline, where after a quick embrace, they then disappeared from sight.

The sun upon arriving was required to fight its way up a large cloud bank and in doing so it sent out shafts of light to indicate its progress.

At the Point, a good number of surfers are sitting on their boards doing anything but surf, as the calmness of the sea has embraced them as well. Along the Esplanade joggers and walkers are striding along at a pace that puts shame to the couple of lycra clad wheelie groups that have ridden on by.

At the rear, as per normal status, the Hinterland is stretched out, having just cast aside its overnight covering of mist and is in the process of making sure that it is ready to keep a watchful lookout over us for yet another day. Hmmm, restful!!!

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