Sunday, March 21, 2010

View from the Balcony 22/03/2010

As I approached the sliding glass doors to the Balcony I could see the colours in the sky and I knew then that I was to be in for a treat. Upon opening the doors a soft gentle breeze gave me the barest of hint that it was present. It was so light and delicate that even the most fussy of the potted greenery failed to give any hint as to the awareness of its presence.

Now to the sky. The colours were of a fiery red with amber mixed in along with as our cooking friend Jamie would say 'a healthy knob of butter' or in this case... yellow. It looked fantastic and I know that the photos that I quickly took of the scene will fail to do it proper justice. Shame about that.

The sea is emerging from a bank of mist that is sitting along the horizon line and is filling the role of a border between the water and a light grey bank of cloud that appears to have taken up residence just above the horizon line As the sun quickly but regally ascended into the heavens, the aforementioned colours quickly faded, only to be replaced by washes of various shades of light blue.

The water is currently grey in looks and is so much calmer in appearance than the previous two mornings. The waves are breaking some one hundred metres from the shore and with the tide being out are taking their time to roll and tumble their way to the welcoming arms of the golden sands that make up the shoreline.

Several surfers are at the Point but they appear to be mesmerised like me, by the great sight of the ever changing colourful sky. The Esplanade has the occasional foot soldier strutting their stuff, but they are again few and far between.

The Hinterland is emerging from its overnight rest and the covering of mist has all but been thrown back thereby allowing the masses of greenery of the hills and valleys to contrast against the clear blue sky above. A top sight everywhere I look!!

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