Friday, March 5, 2010

View from the Balcony 06/03/2010

The opaque salt encrusted doors of the Balcony gave me a hint of the type of weather that has been pounding the poor greenery over the past few days. On stepping out into the warm but strong on shore breeze I noticed that a least one of the plants in the man made rockery has flowered with purple daisy like flowers on display. Looks good.

The hardy plant that sat on the pot on the small round Balcony table is no more, after a strong gust caught the leaves and completely uprooted and hurled it against the outdoor cat bowl, which no doubt would have been quite surprised to be on the receiving end of such treatment.

Around near the kitchen window, another plat pot had a piece of it wrenched off after one strong wind gust moved a small stack of chairs into one of the lounge seats which in turn then collected the said pot plant. It was the classic three car rear end car accident, only this time it was pieces of Balcony furniture that were involved.

All in all, a minimum amount of damage, considering the report that I was given about the strong breezes that have been in play over recent days.

Looking out over the quite rough sea to the horizon, I ask myself, why am I not surprised to see a heavy bank of grey cloud as the feature piece?

Turning to where the sun usually reveals its presence I noticed that the clouds were parting slightly and allowing a red glow to tinge the edges of some of them as a mark of heralding that the sun was indeed present, although out of sight at this instant.

The previously mentioned rough sea is churning up quite a foam surface as the waves have their final fling before running up the still golden sands of the awaiting beach, only to sink out of sight after expending all that previously contained energy.

Surfers are absent from the Point and the Esplanade pathways are also the recipients of less human traffic as well. The grassy strip of land known as 'picnickers paradise' is looking great as it has been on the receiving end of a Council trim.

At the rear, the ever faithful Hinterland stands firmly in place, however today it stands masked in a wrap around of heavy dark cloud. An ominous sign that more rain is due to be received.

A great day to be alive!!

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