Sunday, March 14, 2010

View from the Balcony 15/03/2010

Well, it is now 6:35am, well past sunrise as I open the once again salt encrusted sliding glass balcony doors and step out onto the damp balcony tiles to check out on what is around me in the real world. The first thing that I notice is that mother nature did not like the way that I had the chairs placed or stacked and last night obviously decided to do something about it. On this issue mother nature and I disagree, and so a couple of minutes was taken to undo the creative stacking that I faced and to restore 'balance' to the balcony layout. The pot plants as well as my rock garden and water feature fared better, so it seems that here mother nature and I were in agreement, well at least for the moment.

Looking out over the slightly grey turgid water with white caps appearing intermittently as the waves rush towards the shore, being driven by a cool onshore breeze, I notice that a line of rain mist is rapidly heading towards land. Not that we need any further disbursement as at the moment the lawns and flowerbeds have had enough consumption to last for a good few days at least, before a refill is required.

The sun is well protected from direct view by several layers of cloud banks and will most likely not make an open appearance for at least another few hours, if at all today. At the Point, less than a double hand of surfers are enjoying the opportunity to get close and personal with the waves as they break and run alongside the rocky outcrop to the waiting shore. Along the Esplanade it is the same, as only a mirrored number of people are out and about strolling or jogging along the well presented pathways.

At the rear, the Hinterland is covered by the only area of blue sky in sight, and is positively glowing in shades of lush greens as its hills and valleys enjoy the 'spotlight' of attention that the light sky provides. An interesting sight today.

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