Wednesday, April 28, 2010

View from the Balcony 29/04/2010

The sound of the waves as they tumble over themselves as they joyously raced towards the shore was the sound that greeted me as I slowly entered the land of the awake.

Arising and stumbling through the Lounge area I pushed back the glass sliding doors and stepped out onto the Balcony. Here it hit me, the fragrance from our multi coloured small rosebush invaded my senses of smell and sight. So sweet and sensual.

I must admit that the plant has done well against the overnight breezes as only a few petals have fallen to lie prostrate on the white tiles of the Balcony floor.

Looking out towards the horizon yet again there was the sight of a light grey cloud mass sitting, waiting to pounce at the arrival of the sun. But no, not today. The sun appeared, looked around, gave a 'ho hum' acknowledgement to the surrounds and then went about its daily climb into the heavens. Whereupon the cloud just lost interest and started to fall apart at the edges as it started to slink off to sulk.

The sea is calm with only the occasional ripple giving away the presence of turbulence below.

At the Point, it is standing only this morning as all the surfers, of which there would be around a dozen, are all upright on their boards, steading themselves with long paddles. An interesting sight.

The Esplanade has a good number of eager walkers and joggers using the pathways, whilst a get fit class is coming together on the picnic lawn area below and just to my right. Even the lycra crowd have been active this morning.

The Hinterland has come alive with the range of its finery of greens presenting themselves well to all onlookers. Above, the light blue sky sets the scene 'picture perfect'.

Yes, all the signs are present for another top day here at Burleigh.

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