Monday, April 19, 2010

View from the Balcony 20/04/2010

Well, here it is mid morning and the rain clouds have swept in from the sea bringing a solid down pouring with them.

Whereas earlier in the day the sun was making valiant attempts to shine through the cloud lines, there is no such chance at the moment, as the horizon cannot be seen due to the grey clouds that are sweeping up the coast and depositing their contents on the ever appreciative earth below.

The rain is refreshing the Esplanade picnic lawn areas along with the rows of trees and bush shrubs that make up the scenery below the Balcony.

Even as I write this the clouds have separated and a clear passage way out to the horizon has opened up once again. A fantastic scene to behold.

With the downfall having passed the murky grey looking sea is sending undulating waves towards the shoreline. These waves are breaking some twenty metres from the beach and are then scuttling in wrapped in white foam as a covering of protection, only to finish lying exhausted on the golden sands for that ever brief moment before disappearing out of sight, to be quickly forgotten.

There are some hardy surfers at the Point, boards faced seawards. Almost as a mark of respect they wait patiently for the tell tale signs of a wave to remember and talk about for the rest of the day and perhaps beyond.

At the rear, the Hinterland is shaking off the droplets of rain that have managed to cling to the forest branches, which gently broke their free fall and gave them some respite before they complete the last part of their descent to the earth below.

I am posting a couple more photos with the last one being one of the bright rose that shone through all that took place.

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