Saturday, May 1, 2010

View from the Balcony 01/05/2010

Well, here it is late Saturday afternoon. Rochelle and young Abbie have left to head back to Brisbane and Viv and I can now relax on the Balcony having a quiet cool drink, whilst taking the occasional glance at the Port Power and Adelaide Crows AFL game on the telly in the Lounge. (who says that males cannot multi skill)?

It is quiet, save for the constant deep hum in the background of waves breaking along the shoreline.

As I look out towards the horizon a mixture of light grey clouds are chocking up the sky. Below, the green/blue sea is sending undulating waves, army platoon style, towards the golden sands of the beach.

At the Point there are a number of younger surfers enjoying the small waves that are breaking along the rocky outcrop and then run in straight lines till they can run no more as they have then reached their final destination and collapsed and disappeared out of sight forever.

The Esplanade on the other hand is playing host to joggers, walkers, roller bladers, pram pushers, skate boarders and bicycle riders. Quite a spectrum of activists!

It was only just over two hours ago that I was one of them as I was striding along the pathways armed with my headphones and ipod in full display, as I sang the songs, in my head only mind you, as I commenced to whittle down some of the 10K steps for the day and tick them off as being out of the way.

On the beach I saw chairs and flags set up ready for a dusk wedding. The three bridesmaids present were dressed in light sky blue and their outfits will look great in front of the purples that will stretch along the horizon as evening arrives.

Over the Hinterland the sun is slowly descending having completed its daily task of bringing warmth to the Gold Coast and especially to us folk at Burleigh. As it falls there are some heavy rain clouds sitting on top of the mountain range ready to pour out their tears of joy as they embrace their soon to arrive golden guest.

Ahh, a great time of the day!!

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