Saturday, April 10, 2010

View from the Balcony 11/04/2010

A zephyr like breeze welcomed me as I pushed open the sliding glass Balcony doors and stepped out into the new day.

As I gazed out towards the horizon I noticed that a haze was present and that it was having the effect of muting the boldness of the presence of the skirting light grey cloud line that was stretched across the vista.

The colours in the sky were almost matching the presence of the mist in that they were quite muted (nothing further from reality when it comes to the new Pj's that young Pj was unveiling this weekend at the quilters camp, so the rumour goes).

Washes of reds, pinks, with a hint of mauve thrown in, moving through to washes of light blues were the canvas backdrop that the sun was being greeted with. Then, just as the sun was about to appear from behind the cloud bank the clouds just melted away, much like a marshmallow in the mouth, or in a steamy mug of hot chocolate.

Suddenly the sky took on a golden glow, it was magic to behold the sun so prominently being the centre of attention with the only act on its behalf being that it was present.

The sea has a calmness to it as well today, and the rippling waves, much like a good 'six pack' on a male, were drawing ones eyes to the golden sands of the ever awaiting shoreline as the waves then broke some ten metres short of the finishing line and gently glided to their destiny.

The Point is free from surfers as the calmness of the sea has put a stop to any joyous rides that they may have been expecting. However, the Points loss became the Esplanades gain as a number of early risers are out walking and jogging along the purpose built pathways that run between the North Burleigh Hill on the left all the way to the National Park on the far right of my view.

The picnic grass areas have recovered from yesterdays use and appear to be eagerly awaiting the expectant crowds that should being to descend over the next couple of hours, ready to enjoy another beautiful day on the Coast.

Four flying friends have just arrived. Landing on the balcony railing and giving cause for GTF to briefly note their presence, before he rolled over to give his tummy a touch of the suns warm rays.

Yes, today will be a great day here, as I trust that it will be wherever you happen to be today.

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