Monday, April 5, 2010

View from the Balcony 06/04/2010

As I stepped out onto the Balcony, my feet felt little pellets of cat litter underneath.

On looking at the litter tray I could see that GTF had created yet another hi rise masterpiece that the breeze during the night had decided to blow away into all corners of the area, and did so quite well.

There is my first task for the day, to undo the efforts of Mother Nature in some small way!

On looking out to the sea I was presented with an array of grey clouds, all neatly gathered as though waiting for something to happen. And it did, but too early for me to witness today as by the time I made my appearance the sun had already arrived and was commencing its daily climb into the sky.

The sea is relatively calm looking and only small waves are breaking as they reach some twenty metres from the shoreline and then just lazily run up towards the awaiting golden sands of the beach.

The surfers who were gathered at the Point are beginning to make their way closer to us as the waves are not particularly ridable at the moment and they are looking for a better spot for the morning.

The Esplanade also has a number of joggers and walkers taking advantage of its pathways and lawn picnic areas.

It is an active morning, and here I must cut short this report as it is now time for me to go and exercise in the indoor pool.

Catch you all next post!!

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