Wednesday, April 7, 2010

View from the Balcony 08/04/2010

It was with tentative and heavy steps that I made my way to the Balcony this morning. The effort that I put into cleaning the chairs yesterday at GCCF had left their mark. I was sore, really sore, sore in the legs, the back, the shoulders and in the palm of my right hand. The screwdriver hand.

It was in this state that on opening the glass sliding doors my eyes caught a bright red in the sky. On looking more carefully it was as though a painter had taken the sky as a canvas and had boldly brushed strokes of brilliant red across the sky from left to right and then back again. It was stunning.

However, unlike a canvas, the sky is forever changing, as it must, and so it was not long before the scene had disappeared and like an old fashioned slide show it had been replaced by another picture, this time a more subtle one with pinks and blues being prominent.

The sun has now risen above the horizon but a skirting of grey cloud sitting along the horizon line was not allowing me to see anything. I would need to be patient and wait until the sun had risen past that small obstacle that placed itself in its pathway.

At the Point, only a handful of surfers are out braving the early morning experience. The low numbers may be due to the fact that the sea is quite smooth and the waves are only breaking a short distance out from the shore. When I say breaking it is like a small pimple that has appeared under the skin, you know that it is there but anyone having a quick look would miss it. Such is the calmness of the sea today.

Along the Esplanade it is a different picture. Activity abounds with walkers, joggers and even a roller skate blade rider enjoying the freshness that is in the air.

At the rear the Hinterland has woken from its overnight rest and save for a few lingering pockets of mist still lurking above the valleys was fit and ready to do us proud as it towers as a barrier of protection.

It is a calm morning, and now I need to get that sore body of mine ready for a relaxing spa and sauna....ahh just the thought!!!

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