Sunday, April 25, 2010

View from the Balcony 26/04/2010

Well, the great GTF got me up and out of bed earlier than usual today, which under past experiences does not indicate that all is great in the realm of 'wonder cat'.

I followed him through the Lounge area and opened back the sliding glass doors to the Balcony and was right behind him as we stepped out on to the tiles.

It was then that I noticed that our Balcony was playing host to a number of small moths that must have sort shelter during the night from the strong breeze that was coming at a Southerly angle from over the Hinterland.

I then got the message that GTF is rather particular as to who and with what he is willing to share his 'territory,' and while he stood back and watched I was requires to sweep up the remains of these little creatures and place them without any ceremony in the Kitchen bin.

Then it was back to the Balcony with a cup of tea in hand to watch the morning sunrise unfold.

As per normal, hovering above and along the horizon line a bank of light grey cloud was announcing to all and sundry that it was no mean force to deal with. I chuckled to myself, as I have seen it all before. The posturing, then the caving in as the sun just quietly went about its daily task of dominating the sky.

Today was no different. After what appeared to be a short delay the sun appeared and the cloud as have so many of its predecessors gave up its futile opposition and slunk away from the suns presence leaving the rest of us to enjoy the beginning of a new day.

Around the sun light streaks of cloud tentatively hover, ready to disappear at a moments notice. Behind them forming a solid backdrop of colour the rich blue of the clear sky was becoming more pronounced.

Below, thew grey blue sea was sending small undulating waves into the shore. At the Point, these waves were arriving without any surfers to salute their arrival with the sound of splashing arms and legs in the water as they jostle for the best advantage spot in which to join the waves as they make their last dash to the golden sands of the awaiting beach.

Along the Esplanade only a couple of joggers have hit the pathways. The walkers must be saving themselves for later in the day.

At the rear, the Hinterland is well and truly awake, having cast aside its blanket of overnight mist.

Yes, today has arrived, the moths have departed and GTF is happy. What more can one want!!

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