Tuesday, April 6, 2010

View from the Balcony 07/04/2010

As I opened wide the sliding glass doors and looked out towards the horizon, I was immediately taken in by the rich reds and vibrant shades of orange and yellow that were heralding the arrival of the sun.

Why was not my camera in hand, was my immediate thought? This is too good a sight for me to see alone.

I raced back inside and located the camera in the fruit bowl on the Kitchen bench and got back outside just in time to get the tail end of the welcoming display that Mother Nature had for me today. If it had been a book, I got the last chapter, a song, the last stanza. However personally I was there to see the main act even if my photos today only give you the last scene.

Such is life!

Stretching my neck and looking around the sky I notice that there are many clouds of differing sizes and shades of colour. The sea has a faint grey look to it as the suns rays are being muted and diffused by the array of clouds that seem to be passing by in a hurry to get wherever they are going. I find this interesting as there is only a very slight breeze that is coming from behind the Hinterland and heading seaward.

At the Point only a small number of surfers are in the water as the waves today are very small and spread well apart. Along the Esplanade there is greater activity with joggers and walkers along with a couple of stately bicycle riders using the pathways. Below me and to the right, on the picnic grass area a fitness class is having a discussion as to what they should be doing. It has all the trappings of being leaderless for the moment.

Two groups of brightly attired lycra have just ridden on by accompanied by the unusual sound for this time of the day of a car horn from an irate driver who was wanting to get somewhere quicker than the bike crowd would allow them.

Turning around and looking at the backdrop that the Hinterland provides it was great to see that it has already cast aside the misty blanket of night cover and was up and about flexing it's covering of greens as it warmed up to the task of being there as a measure of protection and comfort for us who live in its shadow, so to speak.

Yes, a great sight for what will be a top day.

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