Sunday, April 4, 2010

View from the Balcony 05/04/2010

A gentle waft of air seemed to brush me as I opened wide the sliding glass balcony doors and stepped out into the new day. There was no other indication of any air movement. The potted plants cold still be asleep, for all the indications that they gave of anything happening.

Looking out to the horizon I noticed that the clear blue sky was ringed with a border of light grey clouds, very much like a scene from an old western with the wagon train being circled by the brightly zinced indians singing their mealtime song of grace.

The deep rich blue sea has a slight undulation to it as the waves appear to be trying to sneak shoreward without being noticed. It was not working. They were breaking some fifty metres from the shore and then spent the rest of the remainder of their short journey into the awaiting arms of the golden sands, rolling over and over creating a joyous wash of white foam to leave as a gift in memory of their visit.

The sun has now arrived on centre stage with the welcoming shield of cloud parting before it. The warmth is already giving me second thoughts about keeping my jacket on. But for the sake of any other early rises I had better hold back on displaying the hairy chest to all and sundry so early before breakfast.

The Point is like a fully booked caravan park. There are surfers and their boards everywhere. It has all the trimmings of a 'survival of the fittest' contest, with no beg your pardons given or taken.

The Esplanade is playing home to only a handful of walkers and joggers but this will change dramatically over the next couple of hours as the car parks fill and the blankets and chairs take over the lawn picnic areas. A small band of lycra enthusiasts has just ridden past, heads down bums up. Another not so good a sight!

At the rear, the Hinterland is again resplendent in it's covering of green finery. The hills and valleys have cast aside the overnight covering of mist and are now ready to take part in todays show of 'Life on the Gold Coast'.

Yes, a great sight today.

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