Saturday, April 17, 2010

View from the Balcony 18/04/2010

Well, here it is, a week has gone by since I last posted a report on the view from the Balcony. Mind you it is not as though you have not been kept up to date as I have posted the odd photo or two in the interim.

However, it is now Sunday morning at Burleigh and I find myself going through a bit of a selfish guilt trip in that I have not kept you informed of the sights that greet the early riser in this part of Gods kingdom.

So here we go for today!

The first thing that I notice on sliding back the glass balcony doors is that the little rose bush is missing from the round balcony table. I then remember that we placed the plant inside last night due to some strong on shore winds that could have removed the petals from the beautiful yellow and red blooms ahead of their natural life cycle. I went back inside and found the plant and returned it to its rightful spot. That is better, everything is in its place again.

A slightly cool breeze is today coming from behind the Hinterland and sweeping across the small plain before passing us by as it heads out to an unknown destination over the sea. The rose bush is protected from winds that come from this direction.

Looking out towards the horizon I am struck with the in your face sight of a heavy band of dark grey clouds that have all the signs of wanting to unload the odd bucketful of water on something, and real soon at that. The colour of the clouds remind me of a Sarah Lee cake with the layer upon layer routine, but this time it is not icing but thick grey/black swirls of clouds.

The arrival of the sun from behind the cloud barrier has had an immediate effect of beginning to dissolve the threatening cloud and like fairy floss that is stretched to breaking point the clouds are beginning to quickly separate and to move on their way up the coast towards Brisbane.

The sea is a murky grey colour with rippling waves breaking some fifty metres from the shoreline and then just gently running, all foam covered, into the awaiting golden sands of the beach.

There are a good number of surfers at the Point actively riding waves. Whilst in sharp contrast the Esplanade is bare of any human traffic. Looking up I can see the 6;15 flight from Brisbane is passing by and as I continue to watch it disappears over the hill on its last few minutes of flight before landing at the Coolangatta Airport.

Behind me the Hinterland has all but shed its overnight covering of mist and the hills and valleys are slowly coming to life as the suns rays bring warmth to them.

Yes, today will be a great day.

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