Sunday, May 16, 2010

View from the Balcony 17/05/2010

It has been a while since I have put pen to paper, so to speak, in relation to the view that we have from the Balcony of the small Unit that we occupy in a High Rise Complex at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

The first thing that hits you as you walk through the Lounge ares towards the glass sliding doors is the constant sound of the waves as they fall over themselves as the reach the shoreline. The noise is like nectar to a bee, it just attracts your attention in a very powerful way.

Today, as I gaze out towards the horizon there is a medium off shore breeze blowing that originated from behind the Hinterland mountain ranges that form the land backdrop, across the small plain, past our building and out over the sea to end up wherever mother nature decides.

The sea is quite flat with just a slight undulation appearing which must be sufficient for some surfers as there are more than a handful sitting on their boards at the Point scanning in the hope of sighting a change in the water that may mean that a rideable set of waves were heading in their direction. So far this morning, this has been a non event.

Above the horizon, a grey mass of clouds are stretched out like chewing gum between your fingers, hovering like a crowd of onlookers waiting for something to happen and knowing that that happening is drawing ever closer. Behind the clouds glimpses of light blue can be seen and that presence adds a depth to the scene, that otherwise wold not be there.

The sun, according to the weather report timing on the news last night has already risen, but the clouds have done a great job in masking its presence as there is no direct visual face to face sighting of the star of the daily heavenly show that we are partakers of as appreciative onlookers.

In relation to human activity along the grassy strip that is the Esplanade, all is relatively quiet. Both joggers and walkers have almost left the pathways alone and apart from a 'one on one' fitness group that is using the picnic lawn area that is to my immediate right, there ends the human participation in the seaward view that I have this morning.

At the rear, the previously mentioned Hinterland ranges are displaying their diverse spread of luscious greens, which are being hidden somewhat in the valleys by some last remaining remnants from the previous overnight covering of mist. The mountain ranges add a somewhat nice safety factor, as though a big brother is standing in the background, ever ready to come to our rescue should anything untoward happen. Mind you I am sure that this is just a mental perception that I have generated for my own peace of mind.

Until my next report, I trust that you will continue to enjoy life as it unfolds before you.

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