Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sitting on the back porch.

Well, here we are at the beautiful Marama Resort at Rotorua in the North Island of New Zealand.

I placed some photos of the Resort on my Facebook site yesterday afternoon, but as usual my skill in pushing the start button is still sadly lacking.

The Resort has 79 Units of two and three bedrooms in size, positioned over several acres of beautiful lakeside land. The property is maintained in pristine condition and the lawns and garden beds are a treat to enjoy.

We have already enjoyed two evening meals in the small restaurant that abuts the outdoor pool area, and relaxing there with the open gas fire blazing away, hot chocolate in hand, is just oh so pleasant.

From the Unit that we are staying in, the waterway is the longest in length away from the Lake itself, but that is no obstacle to the enthusiastic swans who make it their daily task to swim along each of the several waterways in the hope that some kind occupant would throw them a welcoming titbit or two.

There are also a number of inland seagulls who also frequent the Resort in the expectation that they too will receive a favourable reception, and judging by the sizes of their bellies their expectations have proven to be well founded.

This morning, as I sit at the outside table with my toast and porridge I am indulging in the benefit of a beautiful clear blue sky that has lit up everything in sight. Oops, three seagulls have seen me and have flown in to see what delight I can offer their taste buds today. All I had to offer were the crusts, which were gratefully received. Darn, just as I settle back in the chair, I drop a piece of hot buttered toast wrong way up on my fresh for the day jeans. Hmm, I cannot change as my other pair are in the washing machine. I will have to resort to the 'blowdryer' routine and hope that the leftover stain is not too noticeable.

Talking about the washing machine, after two uses Viv has now found the instructions. We were not being compliant in how we used the machine. Next time we will get it right. *Where I say 'we', read 'I'*!

No sign of the swans...yet!

I also notice that It must have been quite cold overnight as there appears to be a thin layer of ice on the windows of the cars parked in their allocated bays. Like the blue sky above that will not last for long as the weather report is for light rain to make it's way down the coast from Auckland and perhaps arrive here late afternoon.

Looking down the waterway, I see that I am not the only one to be taking advantage of this beautiful crisp morning. I wave a greeting and a pleasant wave is returned. Great to be able to tick off my arm exercises for the day!!

Now to think about making an inroad to the 10,000 steps, that have proven to be so elusive to reach over the past few days.

'Bring it on'!!

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