Sunday, May 30, 2010

View from the Balcony 31/05/2010

Well, here I am sitting at the small table out on the Balcony eating my saucepan made porridge.

The temperature is a pleasant 24C and the sun is streaming unimpeded into the Unit, warming the Lounge carpet much to GTF's delight.

There is a slight breeze coming from the Hinterland and it appears to be concentrating on heading out over the sea with a 'tunnel vision' determination, no time to stop off for a brief respite and linger amongst the greenery on the Balcony.

The sea has turned into a rich deep blue and an occasional small whitecaps can be seen in the distance, ever so briefly waving to those looking out from the shoreline.

Above the horizon line a small string of puff clouds are stretched out, resting lazily and going nowhere in a hurry. The sky above is a clear light blue turning into a mid blue wash as it fans out away from the rising sun.

The Point is free from surfers as the swell is not significant enough to warrant their attention.

Likewise the Esplanade has only the odd walker and jogger using the facilities that the local Council keeps under close management.

It is a beautiful morning!

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