Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Mother's Day letter that went missing.

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SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2010

Letter for Mother's Day Delivered to Mom almost 50 Years Later Lost in Mail System

A Navy Wave wrote home to her mother while away at Dental Tech. School in California.

Strange as it may seem, the letter was lost in mail system for almost 50 years. When local post office went to renovate building, a bag of mail was found that was never delivered.

May 1963

Dear Mom,

Dental Tech School is long and hard, but I am holding my own.

With your birthday and Mother's day so close this year, I thought I would design a card just for you.

Mom, these words are from my heart to your heart.

Thank you for being my Mom.

Thank you for always believing in me.

Thank you for not telling Dad when I messed up on my report card in my senior year.

Thank you for understanding I needed to join the Navy to grow up and be on my own.

Thank you for taking me to Sunday School each Sunday, with Aunt Mary.

Thank you for signing me up for tap dancing lessons, knowing I had two left feet.

Thank you for my allowance of $5 a week, I know it put a strain on your budget with Dad not always working.

Thank you for showing me how to clean a house properly. Here at the base, it sure has come in handy.

I love you Mom, I just don't know how to deal with Daddy anymore. Believe me when I say, I left home to find myself and become a person who helps others. What ever job I end up in, I want to be just like you Mom. You are always so caring and understanding. You make a difference to any one who comes into your store, for a bottle of milk, newspaper, or just to speak with you.

I have watched you in your candy store , be treated poorly by some and some who skipped out on their bill. Mom, you never once complained or even got angry.You said they must need it more than us.

The family that you help support monthly down south, with ten dollars you send faithfully, even though we struggle ourselves.

Thank you Mom for being my role model. I Love You Mom.

Your Daughter,


The 18 year old was me. That was many moons ago. My Mom never received the letter, so I went to her grave with flowers and read it to her.

My mother was my best friend, oh, how I miss her.

If your Mom is still alive, let her know while she can still hear and see you, how much love and gratitude is in your heart.

My family, like many, was dysfunctional, but still I loved them and freed myself from future quilt by letting them know I may not like their behavior, but I loved them.

I'm most grateful for all my life's experiences. They have made me what I am today. They were all blessings in disguise to help me grow. Challenges are there to give us an opportunity to change and grow into the person we are meant to be.

Your Partner in Success

Lynn Rothfuss

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