Monday, May 10, 2010

So who reads the back of wrappers anyway!!

While preparing a nice cup of tea I just happened to read a little saying that was on one of the sugar sachets in the container on the kitchen bench in the unit that we are staying in here at the Marama Resort at Rotorua in New Zeal;and.

I thought that it was quite good, so I upended the container to share with you the sayings that I found:

. The truth is that parents are not really interested in justice, they just want quiet. (Bill Cosby)

. It's so cold I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets. (Bob Hope)

. Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men. (Kim Hubbard)

. I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer. (Douglas Adams)

. It's kind of fun to do the impossible. (Walt Disney)

. The man who can't dance thinks the band is no good. (Polish Proverb)

. Successful people are just very lucky, just ask any failure. (Michael Levine)

. One man with courage is a majority. (Thomas Jefferson)

. When I eventually met Mr Right I had no idea that his first name was 'Always'. (Rita Rudner)

. I may have many faults but being wrong isn't one of them. (Jimmy Hoffa)

. As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind - every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder. (John Glenn)

I did enjoy the cuppa with the above reflections floating around in my mind. I do love Rita and her sense of humour!!

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