Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stay Premium Gentlemen - A BIG THANK YOU!

The ladies of GCCF had their annual 'Beyond Diamonds' Conference last weekend. From all accounts it was a great success.

The following is a 'thank you' note that I sent out to all the guys that took part.


On behalf of all the men of the Fellowship I would like to thank each one of you for your willingness to be involved in the ladies 'Beyond Diamond' Conference as either a Back Office Kitchen Hand or a member of the elite Front Office 'Bow Tie' Brigade.

There were those of you who were able to assist on the Friday night, whilst others were able to help out on the Saturday. Then there were those who could not resist going for gold by helping out on both days. To each and every one of you I can honestly say that your participation was greatly appreciated by all who attended the Conference, right through from the speaker to the chef, and from Kay to my wife. You should give yourself a pat on the back and a 'thumbs in the air well done' greeting when next you catch up with one another as a top job was done by all.

I also wish to thank those who offered to assist but due to sudden change in circumstances had to withdraw their services. Then there were those who in spite of carrying an injury were present in the numbers (you know who you are), and then there was Paul W who was with us in spirit, but physically elsewhere as he had the task of looking after the speakers family.

I must also make special comment about the willingness of you all to do whatever was asked of you, even if it was not on your 'duties' list. That willingness went a long way to ensuing that we were able to have a smooth sail through the Conference.

I must however admit that I was envious of the opportunity that the Saturday kitchen hands had of picking up some cooking points from our great Master Chef Rebecca. Is that not right, young Josh? And talking about 'young' it was great that a number of the younger men were able to join in with some of the older hands for the event. (Evidence of their attendance has already been placed on FaceBook somewhere.)

I also wish to thank all the band members for providing such great background music to assist us as we went about our tasks. You sounded great, even with the doors shut!

Then finally, but not in the least I wish to thank the Ladies Committee for making our jobs so much easier by having everything so well set out for us. The personal involvement Yolanda, Glenda and Rosemary, with the ever present shadow of Kay was great in keeping us 'alive' as we went about our allotted tasks.

But like the sales pitch on the TV, there is more. That more was the recognition that was expressed by Kay on behalf of the ladies at both the closing of the Conference and at the 9:30 service yesterday morning, of the great job that we men have provided over the years in assisting the ladies to have such a great time together.

I can only back up Kay's comments by saying as I did at the start of this note, thank you again for your part in making the weekend so great for the ladies.


Graeme Brattle

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