Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wealth Propulsion Intensive Seminar - Reflections

Over the last weekend from Friday night at 6:00pm until Sunday night at 10:00pm I along with a few hundred others spent time in Brisbane with Christopher Howard and his Team. The seminar topics addressed a range of aspects of our life conditioning that were hindering our ability to be the person that we were meant to be. In backing this up, we also worked our way through a number of exercises that were geared to assist us to leave behind our baggage, which for some of us we had carried with us for more years than we would wish to acknowledge, without necessarily recognising that it was indeed baggage.

Topics covered were from a number of the courses on offer, thereby giving us a small window in which to look at the benefit of taking each of those courses in full.

The weekend was highly charged with both enthusiasm and noise. Mind you there were also the quieter times as we wrote down responses to various items of material which were then usually shared or role played with others in groups of 3 or 4, throughout the day.

After the breaks, often a game of 'Fact or Crap' was played, and those chosen at random to play were given the opportunity to win valuable prizes. There were also several 'give away' promotional spots, where again the items handed out were of significant value.

As both Chris and Johnny, the two presenters wanted to ensure that we in no way were short changed, the finishing times went out the door so to speak. With this in mind I for one would encourage all those thinking of attending to have a bottle of water and perhaps some light refreshments with them, to ensure that they were able to be sustained physically, as in a good way mentally and emotionally you were constantly being stretched.

All in all, especially for one who was able to attend free, through logging onto the website listed below I found that the time spent was very educational and life enriching.

If I was wearing a hat I would raise it to Chris and the Team for a fantastic weekend.

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