Thursday, August 19, 2010

This has to do with the FB Group site 'My Important Stuff'

I am sending this out to you as a 'wider' audience as you may like to join the site as a friend.

This message is for actioning by the Administrators (Co Founders) of the FB Group Site ' My Important Stuff'.

An early warning. Please be aware that I can ramble. Short sharp sentences are not natural to me. You have been advised!

I am sending this message out to all of you who are the friends of the site as you are considered from now on as being 'observers'. Your job should you so choose is to follow the development of a new www site as it comes together through the collaboration of a team of teens and young twenties. You are encouraged to post comments and to also make comment on any Discussion Page item as you so feel led. You may be surprised to find that the Co Founders take on board your comment, or a variation of it and apply it to the site. Then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed to the development of the site. That to me is fantastic.

Now to get started.

I would like you to action the following over the next week. The items are not in order, however the sooner you start the better, bearing in mind that I want you to be comfortable with everything that is being asked of you. If you do have any concerns, then I can be contacted by email or on 0427 523 119.

1. We have three cell groups involved in the planning. For sake of accountability, I am deeming the first named person as the cell head.

A. Tammy Rossouw, with the remainder of the group comprising Dine Bredenkamp and yet to be named third member and or fourth member

B. Danny Brown, with the remainder of the group comprising Emma Cuerden and yet to be named third member and or fourth member

C. Stephanie Cook, and yet to be named other members of her group.

Just a hint. You may find that the missing member of your group could already be an observer, and should that be the case, please let me know and hopefully we can then bring them across to be a Co Founder should they take up your offer of being involved in a more serious way with the site. Likewise, if you happen to be an observer, and would like to join in one of the above groups then please contact the first named person of the cell to discuss the idea more fully.

The other Co founders are:

D. Sisters, Emily and Claire Williamson who I have gotten to know over the past 12 months on FB. They are both creative in their own ways, and I believe that they can contribute well to the site. I have asked both of the girls to each invite another friend to join them and I am still waiting to hear about their nominated choices.

E. Joshua Hinds. Young Josh will be contributing with the wording side of the site as well as bringing in ideas as to layout , etc.

F. Then there is myself and my wife Vivien along with Graeme Freeloader, a very self opinionated cat whom we will all come to 'tolerate' over time.

2. Go to the FB Group site 'My Important Stuff' (MIS) and click on the Discussions - Co Founder Profiles.

I would like you to add your own profile in the reply box and then hit Post reply and that will add your profile to the site and allow the rest of us to know more about who you are.

As an example, this is the one that I have put on the page:

Graeme Brattle aged 62 years

28 years in the banking industry with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
10 years in the mortgage loan industry with Access Home Loans and the Victorian Police Credit Co-op.
Two years with the Commonwealth Government Child Support Agency.

Currently enjoying being involved with the GCCF (Gold Coast Christian Family Church)
Residing at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

We will play around and refine the profiles before the www page is up and running, and at that time we will also ask you to provide a picture to go with each of your profiles.

3. Then look at the other Discussion questions and see if there is anything that you would like to add. Already young Dine has made a good comment in relation to the question relating to 'What should the site contain by way of content' her comment was '.... are you only wanting it to be a website where young people can store their important stuff or were you looking into including a social networking/blogging side to it'? My response was the site will try and provide whatever you as the Co Founders would like it to. Provided of course that it is within some $ cost limits, which we would need to discuss with the web designer.

What about ideas for a logo for the site? Feel free to add any comment as it will go into the melting pot and be open for blending in with other ideas.

4. To get an overview of the site that we already have up and running for the over 45's or so and to familiarise yourselves with the content I would like each of you to do the following:

A. Log into the site

B. Scroll down the left hand side of the Home page and click on the 'Special Offers' link

C. Join the site by clicking on the 'click here and complete the online form'

D. Once you are a member then I would like you to add something that is important to you that you may have kept over the years. The item may be where you keep your favourite teddy, or favourite book or even your favourite sporting item. For example, if you scroll up the Home page to the 'Search for a Document' screen and do a search on our friend Graeme Freeloader DOB 18/09/1947 then you will be able to see where he keeps his collection of furballs.

Well, that is it for now. I hope that you find the items easy enough to follow. Remember, should you have any concerns or questions I can be contacted by email or on mobile 0427 523 119.


Graeme Brattle

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