Thursday, June 10, 2010

View from the Balcony 11/06/2010

Well, here it is the Friday afternoon before a long weekend and I find myself sitting at the small Balcony table (the one with the beautiful rosebush) looking out over the Esplanade and further afield.

Starting at the Resort, I notice that 5 Ibis are sitting around the outdoor cold water pool sunning themselves in the very pleasant 23C temperature. Nice enough to enjoy, but not hot enough to attract any late afternoon sunbathers.

An Army helicopter has just flown past heading up the coast and past Surfers Paradise. I did resist the temptation to wave at them.

Along the picnic grass area that runs beside the Esplanade walkways, a number of individual small groups are beginning to pack up for the day, leaving the area free for the late afternoon fitness groups to arrive and flex their healthy bodies in their taut lycra outfits, much to the envy of all passers by.

Along the beach front, the tide is out the furtherest that I have seen it and those keen surfer types are needing to walk their boards just that little bit more before they are once again baptised by the incoming warm rolling waves.

The water colour is a mid Derwent blue, and several small pristine white pleasure boats stand out in stark relief on the calm water. No hiding for them.

Along the horizon line a touch of haze can be seen, or it may very well be my eyesight starting ti inform me that I may not be as sharp as I once thought that I was.

Several white puff clouds are floating in a rather opaque light blue sky that is now coencing to prepare itself for the onslaught of dusk.

Oops, time to stop and head back inside as we are having 5:00 drinks with folk from one of the First floor apartments, and one cannot be late for that.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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